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Manager 01 Marrianne McBrideMarrianne McBride
President & CEO
707-525-0143 x111



Manager 02 Alyssa KutzerAlyssa Kutzer
Director of Development
707-525-0143 x146



Manager 05 Connie AustConnie Aust
Fiduciary Director of  Financial Services
707-525-0143 x108



Manager 06 Charles LindnerCharles Lindner
Director, Senior Nutrition Services & Kitchen Operations
707-525-0143 x131
UPDATE: Unfortunately Charles and his family lost their home in the Sonoma County Fires. They have relocated out of the area. Please call our main office line and you will be directed to a staff member that can help.


Zachary Carroll - smallZachary Carroll, Esq.
Director of Legal Services
707-525-0143 x143



Renee Tolliver
Director of  Social Services
707-525-0143 x124



On-Site Staff

Juliana Balistreri, Information Specialist, 525-0143 x 102,

Sheila Almquist, Care Navigator, 525-0143 x 120,

Laurel Anderson, Social Day Services Supervisor, 525-0143 x 103,

Diana Cedillo, Senior Nutrition Assessor, 525-0143 x 116,

Meagan Dowdall, Donor Relations Officer & Volunteer Coordinator, 525-0143 x 139,

Jocelyn Duran, Senior Meals Assistant Office Manager & Receptionist, 525-0143 x 133,

Yadira Esparza, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143 x 104

Diane Faulkner, Meals on Wheels Coordinator, 525-0143 x 115

Leigh Galten, Wine Country Games Coordinator & Volunteer Recruiter, 525-0143 x 121,

Sheila Gillis, Paralegal, 525-0143 x 141,

Kim Grindell, Care Coordinator, 525-0143 x 107,

Sheri Haessler, Social and Financial Services Bookkeeper, 525-0143 x 137,

Carrie Holwell, Head Chef, 525-0143 x 132,

Lenna Katich, Peer Support Administrative Assistant, 525-0143 x 126,

Susan Greene, MFT, Clinical Supervisor, Peer Support, 525-0143 x 125

Lisa Liggett, Records Management, 525-0143, x110,

Colleen Nolan, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143, x 118,

Jeanie O’Neill, Elder Advocate/Family Justice Center, 565-8265,

Katy Spyrka, Licensed Fiduciary, 525-0143 x 105,

Cheral Humber, Senior Meals Office Manager, 525-0383,

Sue Tasselmyer, Controller, 525-0143 x 138,

Jason Whitworth, Nutrition Executive Assistant, 525-0143, x119,

Adriann Dizon, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143, x134,

Cassandra Denson, Administrative Specialist, 525-0143, x100,

Loretta Vella, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143, x128,


Off-Site Staff

David Abbott, Editor, Sonoma Seniors Today,

Beatriz Amaya, Healdsburg Dining Site, 433-7515,

Margaret DeMaria, Charles St. Village Dining Site, 484-4020,

Kate Sullivan, Bethlehem Tower Dining Site,

Terri Condon, Sebastopol Dining Site, 829-8321,

Roxanne Lemereis, Healdsburg Day, 433-6161,

Valerie Leitz, Cloverdale Dining Site, 894-4826,

Silvercrest Dining Site, 525-4487,

Brittany Smith, Santa Rosa Day,

Rohnert Park Dining Site, 585-6787,

Funding Sources

Funding Sources

Donations: 37%

Government Funding: 43%

Program Fees: 20%

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