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Chickens reunited after surviving wildfires

December 30, 2017

By David Abbott Sonoma Seniors Today Editor John and Penny Dolan had quite a menagerie on their Crystal Court property in the Mark West Springs area of Santa Rosa. Before the fires, that is. With …..

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Amos Coli, WWII POW survivor

December 26, 2017

By David Abbott Sonoma Seniors Today Editor At the age of 90, Amos Coli is an active participant in the Sebastopol Area Senior Center’s In the News, a current events discussion group that has been …..

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Holiday potpourri: December holidays run the gamut

December 11, 2017

From World Aids Day to Kwanzaa, both religious and secular By David Abbott Sonoma Seniors Today Editor While we all know about the big, high-profile December holidays, there are a plethora of additional celebrations throughout the …..

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COA copes with fire tragedy

October 24, 2017

Monday, Oct. 9 did not dawn like any in Sonoma County’s history, as a firestorm enveloped much of the north and east, destroying entire neighborhoods and businesses in its path from Calistoga to northwest Santa …..

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County ups efforts to serve LGBTQI seniors

October 1, 2017

Multi-pronged outreach led by Area Agency on Aging As its population ages at an accelerated rate, Sonoma County is staying ahead of the curve, investing time and resources into addressing the needs of LGBTQI (lesbian, …..

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Six women, six days in the wilderness

October 1, 2017

Live auction item won at Derby Day unexpectedly becomes inspirational life changer What do you get when you mix a group of five inexperienced women with backpacks that weigh one-quarter their weight and 20 miles …..

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