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Do something grand for Grandparents Day!

Grandparents and grandchildren have a special bond that benefits each and strengthens the social fabric of our community and country.

Did you know, for instance, that Olympic gold medalist Felix Sanchez kept a photo of his beloved “Abuela,” pinned beneath his bib while competing? It was her faith in him that kept him striving for the gold even after struggling with injuries. Did you know that 7.8 million children are living in households headed by grandparents and other non-parent relatives? That these grandparents save us taxpayers $6.5 billion a year by keeping their grandchildren out of foster care?

Each year, National Grandparents Day highlights the importance of intergenerational support and interaction. In honor of this year’s celebration September 13, why not take the time to make connections across the generations with family and friends? Here are some suggestions from

  • Periodically feature intergenerational photos of your family as the cover photo for your Facebook profile.
  • Talk with older members of your family about how daily life has changed over the generations.
  • Take a walking tour of your town with a much-younger or much-older friend or family member to learn more about local history.
  • Let your grandparents, grandchildren and other older and younger people in your life know you think they are special.

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