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Investment Opportunities



Meals on Wheels Corporate route sponsorship


Meals on Wheels for an entire year for a homebound senior


Web-based survey capabilities to assess current and future senior needs


Daily Money Management bill paying services for a year for a low income senior


Fund the redesign and update for a new website that would enable the organization to expand it’s online resources and information. It would allow the agency to post online forms to streamline many program offerings


Provide for social work/counseling interns for senior grief and depression support services


Computerize ten remote dining sites so that they may serve as a vehicle for seniors to submit an online grocery order and have them delivered to their home



ZAP Xebra electric vehicle to deliver Meals on Wheels in Santa Rosa


Provides for a part-time paralegal to assist at risk seniors in maintaining their housing and income.


Provide for a part-time Case Manager who will make well checks on seniors whose families are not in the area


Meals on Wheels Cargo Van to transport meals to remote dining sites


Hot & Cold Truck to triple the capacity of two Meals on Wheels routes and eliminate the waiting list

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Design complimentary for-profit service components that will be attractive to seniors with means and help to subsidize underfunded services for low income seniors.
  • Create, locate necessary resources and implement a senior transportation system.
  • Create a retired attorney and paralegal program to provide legal services to low income seniors.
  • Create a senior citizen advocacy academy to empower seniors on their own behalf.
  • Create and launch a newer more efficient website for the agency that would allow for downloading of forms and easier navigation tools for users.

For information contact Marrianne McBride, President and CEO at (707) 525-0143 ext. 111 or email her at

Funding Sources

Funding Sources

Donations: 37%

Government Funding: 43%

Program Fees: 20%

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