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Clients come to us for Personal Service and Peace of Mind


Our Financial Services Staff provides assistance according to a client’s specific needs.

Our staff has many years of experience, training, and education necessary to act as your fiduciary.

Council has been serving seniors in Sonoma County since 1966.

Financial Services at the Council on Aging are strictly confidential, insured, and bonded.

Our clients can receive visits at home, in assisted living, or in a hospital setting for financial assistance throughout Sonoma County

Our Financial Services program helps protect seniors from financial exploitation and abuse, as well as prevents delinquent bills and duplication of services.When the time comes to act, Council on Aging will be there for you and your family.

Our Services


Daily Money Management


It’s not easy keeping track of all the bills that need to be paid and reconciling the checkbook. We realize some people may need help managing their daily finances so they can remain living independently. Council on Aging’s Daily Money Management program provides a Financial Case Manager who will help the senior make sure all of their financial obligations are met. The Financial Case Manager pays bills, writes and mails checks, or deposits client’s checks; keeps track of expenses, income, and financial records; and maintains bank accounts.  For Council on Aging to act in this capacity, full estate plans must be in place and Council on Aging must have the authority to act on the client's behalf.

Daily Money Management Financial Case Managers are professionals experienced in personal financial management and supervised by our Director of Financial Services. The program is audited yearly by the Social Security Administration and an outside source to ensure accountability and we have strong internal checks and balances.


Fiduciary Services - In each of the following areas of service, Council on Aging acts through one of our Licensed Fiduciaries, Colleen Nolan, Lori Beth Merrill, or Steve Ford, who are also National Certified Guardians

Trust Services


Families, individuals or couples who need a trustworthy successor trustee, look to Council on Aging to act as their trustee when they are no longer able or willing to manage their financial affairs or those who wish to have a Successor Trustee assume responsibility for asset management. We are available to act as trustees of special needs trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts, both large and small.

Conservator-ship Services

When a client needs more protection, Council on Aging can apply to the Superior Court to be appointed as conservator of person. The Conservator is then responsible for the client’s personal needs such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. We assume the responsibility for all decisions regarding the health and welfare of the Conservatee. Council on Aging may also be appointed Conservator of the Estate for individuals who are unable to manage their own finances and are vulnerable to fraud and abuse. We assume the responsibility for the protection of our Conservatee’s assets.


Durable Power of Attorney & Healthcare Directive

For our clients who want to appoint someone they can trust to help with their finances, Council on Aging can be that neutral party to help them with the last part of their journey. Clients trust in Council on Aging because we have been acting as Durable Power of Attorney for Sonoma County residents for over 30 years.


Council on Aging can also help when there is a need for a healthcare directive agent. Council on Aging can be appointed as the healthcare agent for seniors who are looking for a responsible, reliable person to act for them when they are unable to act for themselves.


Council on Aging can settle the estates for those clients who do not have an individual or family member to appoint. As Executor we are responsible for carrying out the wishes of a deceased person through instructions written in the client’s will.



About Our Fees


Fees vary depending on which program serves our client.


To learn more about what the Financial Services program can do for you or a loved one, call our Social and Financial Services Department at (707) 525-0143.

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