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Aging is inevitable, quality of aging is a choice.

The lucky ones get a chance at growing old and those who chose to prepare have a better chance of aging well. At Council on Aging we offer services to our most frail and vulnerable seniors but we also provide resources to guide everyone to a better aging experience.


Aging Together Sonoma

Aging Together Sonoma’s mission is to promote a community that ages together and supports opportunities where we can enlighten, encourage, and care for each other with honor, respect and interdependence. Learn more HERE!


Healthy Aging


A healthy senior is able to maintain their independence and remain in their home for the duration of their life will not only experience a higher quality of life, but also save more than $50,000 or more a year in the cost of assisted living. Council on Aging sees the benefit of a social connected, active senior and encourages this through the Sonoma Wine Country Games. The Games offer the opportunity to learn a new sport, make new friends and compete in the spirit of friendly competition. Learn more HERE!


Aging Parent Resources


As a society, we are living longer than ever before and we are also experiencing the challenges that go along with that blessing. Many of us are experiencing the issues of raising our children, caring for our own needs and taking care of Mom and Dad. Caring for Mom and Dad forces us to enter a whole new dimension and we need the resources and skills necessary to successfully maneuver this new landscape. Learn more HERE!


Health Action

Sonoma County is coming together to create a healthier community for all. By the year 2020, Health Action envisions that Sonoma County will be a healthy place to live, work, and play…a place where people thrive and achieve their life potential. This effort will take all of us working together to create a healthier community through collective action. Learn more HERE!

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