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Sonoma Wine Country Games Mission Statement


The Sonoma Wine Country Games encourages healthy activity and social engagement for anyone 50+ through education, connections, and the spirited competition of sport, inspiring all to take an active role in determining the quality of their aging experience.


Thank you all for joining us in 2022!  For photos of the events, go HERE!  Please look for the individual sports on the "Choose A Sport" page.  


COVID Guidance as of June 2022


There are currently NO mask or vaccine requirements for events of this size.


However, since we promote the health and safety of our 50+ clientele and athletes, we expect that athletes and volunteers will:


  • Understand that Sport Commissioners MAY impose stricter guidelines for play. Athletes will be expected to comply with these guidelines*

  • Stay home IF they are feeling unwell or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID


*Sports Commissioners and/or Council on Aging Games Coordinators reserve the right to dismiss a player for lack of cooperation with COVID guidelines and/or unsportsmanlike conduct. IF an athlete is asked to leave an event for any reason they will NOT be refunded their registration fees.


For all of the sporting events occurring at our 2022 Sonoma Wine Country Games, we look to the Sonoma County Office of Emergency Services for guidance on mask and vaccine requirements. Currently, for events of this size, indoors or outdoors, the county is differing to state guidance. We’ve listed those links for your information, below:


General state guidance:




Our Games are NOT considered Mega-events. However, since there remains some confusion on this issue, we’ve included this guidance from the state:




Sonoma County Health Officer’s most current health orders can always be found here:





If you have any questions or concerns about our COVID policy, please contact

Coby LaFayette at clafayette@councilonaging.com or 707-525-0143 x117

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