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Every three years, we complete a Strategic Plan process for Council on Aging. The Goals consist of many hours of brainstorming and refining our vision. Our staff, management team, and board of directors all participate in the process. These goals reflect the heart and mission of this organization.


Strategic Plan FY 2017-2020


3-Year Goal #1

Create and implement an employee development plan that attracts and retains quality staff resulting in a 20% or less annual turnover rate.


3-Year Goal #2

Increase net operational revenue by $100,000 per year by 2021.


3-Year Goal #3

Create and implement a marketing and communication strategy that demonstrates the value of seniors and engages a broader demographic resulting in a 50% increase annually in individual support.


3-Year Goal #4

Create a portfolio of entrepreneurial revenue strategies that will generate a net $250,000 annually by 2021.