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Inter-generational Program

Stay Connected to the Community with our Lunch Companion Programs! 














The Surgeon General recently declared social isolation in seniors an epidemic. In response, we introduced the Tellegacy and Lunch Companion Programs to Sonoma County. The goal is to connect younger and older populations through conversation to combat the widespread issue of loneliness and isolation among seniors. It creates a space for older adults to reminisce and reflect on their lives by sharing their beliefs, history, and life lessons. If you are a senior looking for ways to stay active and connected then one of these programs is for you!  
















Lunch Companion Program: 

A volunteer will visit a senior’s home, have lunch, and engage in conversation. The volunteer can choose their own visiting schedule - once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month. 


Tellegacy Program:

The main goal of Tellegacy is to assist seniors feeling isolated and alone in our community back to living a more happy, fulfilled life. A volunteer will visit the senior once a week for eight weeks, have lunch, and conduct stimulating conversation. One of the things participants appreciate most about the program is the ability to look back on their life from a different perspective. 

At the end of the 8 weeks a short book detailing that senior’s life legacy will be printed and gifted to the senior. 


Senior Participant Requirements: 

  • Age 60 or better 

  • A desire for company and conversation 

  • You do not need to be a Meals On Wheels client to participate in these programs



While looking through her completed legacy book, Joan P. expressed her gratitude and reflected on her experience in the program, saying, "It makes me feel like your life is worthwhile, and it has been. Every minute of it. The good times as well as the bad." 


Another client said, "The program would be great, especially

for a senior who's alone or kept out from the general

community; it could mean a lot to that senior, making him

or her feel a lot better about themselves. You reminisce and

go over things throughout your life that maybe you forgot."

- Terry H.

One of our volunteers expressed, "The experience has been

a real gift to me." When asked why she would recommend

this program to older adults, she said, " helps the older

adult to possibly reframe difficult times in their lives by also

seeing the good times and remembering those times." 



To learn more about how to sign up, as a senior or volunteer

please contact Brooke Rosell, our Intergenerational 

Coordinator, at 707-525-0143 ext. 129 or

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