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“Some people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do for their second half of life.” ~anonymous


Planning a vacation is a lot of fun! We ask ourselves such questions as: Where will we stay? What will we do? Where will we dine?


Planning for our second half of life can and should be just as fun. What do you want your second half to look like?


As we work with the most isolated and vulnerable seniors in our community we have also learned a few lessons along the way. We find that these seniors are many times socially isolated, in failing health and emotionally strained.


Connect Socially

Ruth, 93, still lives in her own home, drives and is actively involved in her community by attending the senior center to play cards and dine, visiting friends at the assisted living facility, quilting and visiting with her neighbors. “I am always looking for new friends to connect with, unfortunately the older you get the more often you lose friends due to death,” she explains. “You can never have too many friends.”


Stay Active

Find an activity that keeps you moving. Sheri, 76, plays bocce two times a week in a competitive league. “The fresh air and sunshine do my body good and the laughter and friendship do my soul good,” Sheri shares. Daily walks and jogs, time at the gym or even an organized aerobic class will make for stronger bones and cardiovascular system.


Focus on Nutrition


Eating a balanced diet of fresh produce and grains has never been easier than right here in Sonoma County! Healthy eating reduces our risk for chronic illness, decreases our risk of obesity and gives us the energy needed to have full lives and full days. Learn more HERE!


Financial Fitness


Practicing financial fitness may be one of the most important daily activities you undertake! Putting a little back each day and living within your means can put you on the right track to financial freedom in your later years. A great resource is HERE!

Mind your Emotional Health

“Buck up!” “Tighten up that lower lip!” “Turn that frown upside down!” We were taught that asking for help when it comes to emotional and physiological issues may be a sign of weakness – but the truth is – it takes an enormous amount of strength to reach out and seek help when your world isn’t like it should be. Talk to your healthcare provider immediately if you aren’t quite feeling like yourself and get the help you need.

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