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When does registration open?     March 1st, 2024

How much does it cost to register for an event? 

There is a$60 one-time, individual registration fee for each athlete.

Additionally, all sports have event fees that range from $7.50-$20 per event.

There are NO team fees, but captains/capos must register their teams in our system.

Why does it cost so much?

Registration and event fees help defray the costs of organizing the games, renting venues, providing portable restrooms and sanitation services, paying for liability insurance, medical personnel, officials, medals, snacks, water, sports equipment, t-shirts, permits, sanctions, and results logistics.

I am playing pickleball and another sport. Do I need to pay registration twice?

No. You only have to pay the registration fee once. If you are playing pickleball and any other sport, please contact Coby at 707-525-0143, x 117. She will give you a code for registering that will allow you to bypass the mandatory registration fee in the non-pickleball registration software. You will still have to pay the sports fees for all events you want to compete in.

What is the COVID policy as related to the Games?

Moving forward, our COVID policy will be aligned with that of the County of Sonoma. That information can be found at:


What about my partner player?
Each partner in a doubles competition must register as an individual and write in the full name of his or her partner. We are unable to find partners.  The exception to this is pickleball.


How do I register a team? 

Team captains must register their team/s at:

Once registered, the captains receive an email with their team’s ID number. 

Captains then forward the team ID # to all their players for their use during registration.

Each player must register and pay their fees at:


I want to play a team sport but don’t have a team – what can I do? 

Contact the sports commissioner OR the Games Coordinator, Coby LaFayette at 707-525-0143, x 117 or

Either person should be able to help you.

How do I contact a sports commissioner?

Sports commissioner’s contact information is listed at the top of each sport page on our Games website.

Can I mail in my registration?

We no longer accept mail-in registrations. IF you are having trouble using our online system, please contact Coby LaFayette at 707-525-0143, x 117 or

Who is eligible to participate in the games? 

All participants must be 50 on or before December 31st, 2024.

There is no upper age limit for athletes.


How are age groups for awards determined? 
Age categories are determined by a national standard, in five-year age groups: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, etc. unless noted on the sports page.  Lawn Bowling and Bocce are awarded gold, silver, & bronze team medals.


How are medals awarded? 

Medals are awarded to the top three individual or team finishers in each category/division.

Athletes must pick up their medals on-site or designate someone to do that for them.

Medals will not be mailed.


What if I want to participate in more than one sport on the same day? 

We don’t recommend you do this unless you are competing in events offered on different days or weekends. Venues are far apart and parking can be challenging.


What happens after I register online? 
Once you’ve completed the online registration, an email confirmation will be sent to you. If you haven’t seen that confirmation after a few minutes, check you junk mail or spam folder. Your confirmation notice will explain check-in procedures for your particular sport, keep it handy so you can reference it when you arrive on-site.  All athletes and team members must check-in on-site prior to their first competition. At check-in please be prepared to show proof of age. This is a requirement in order to receive your credentials and your games t-shirt.


Where do I go to check in for my event? 

Athletes check-in on-site at the sport event location. Event location information is listed on your on-line registration receipt. This information will also be listed, along with the most current competition details, on the sport page for that particular event.

Go to:   & click on the sport icon for your event.

Plan to arrive at least one hour prior to your fist competition, especially where parking is limited.


What equipment do I need to bring with me?

Athletes should plan on bringing their own equipment and wearing appropriate competition apparel. Large team sports require a team-identifier--usually a numbered shirt/jersey of like-color and style. For smaller teams (Basketball, Bocce & Lawn Bowling) like colored t-shirts are fine. Note: Game balls are provided for Pickleball and Table Tennis.


Is water or food provided?

Water and healthy snacks will be available at all venues for athletes, officials, and volunteers only. Lunch is not provided unless otherwise noted, so athletes, officials, and volunteers are encouraged to bring their own food.

Please bring a re-fillable water bottle as we will not be providing single-use water bottles at any venue.


Where are the games held?

Games are held all over Sonoma County during the first two weekends in June. You can find these locations by checking out the Master Schedule at:

OR by going to the sport page of the games’ website:


Can my family and friends come watch me compete?

Family and friends are encouraged to watch athletes compete. There is no fee for this. Please bear in mind that in some venues where quarters are close (Table Tennis and Pickleball), watching may necessitate you being farther away then you like. For your own comfort, consider bringing a camp chair to all outdoor events.  Our games are about friendly competition, so we ask that you spectate with that in mind.


Are the Sonoma Wine Country Games a qualifying meet? 

No, our games are not qualifiers for any of the sports offered.

However, any qualified athlete can compete in the California State Senior Games Championships. Information about that event can be found at:

Winners and qualifiers from the state championship can compete at the National Senior Games. That information can be found at:


When does registration close? 

Registration closes for all sports* on Friday, May 24th at 5 pm.

*Note: Pickleball is the only exception to this deadline.  Registration closes for Pickleball on

Friday, May 31st at 5 pm.


What is the refund policy? 
Depending on the situation, a refund might be possible. Contact Coby LaFayette for more information. Refunds must be requested at least 2 weeks before event.  Please do not register for overlapping events. No schedule changes will be made to accommodate multi-sport or multi-event entrants and refunds will not be given. 


How can I find out who I am competing with?

We don’t share individual sport competition details.


When is the Celebration of Athletes event? 

Due to fiscal realities, we no longer host a Celebration of Athletes.

A Word about “Fair Play.”

These games are about fun! They are about friendly competition. And, we are very protective of the spirit of these games and the athletes that compete in them.


Please understand that any behavior on the part of a competitor, team captain or coach, a non-playing person or spectator that is deemed inappropriate may result in immediate disqualification and/or removal from competition. Presiding sports commissioners and/or any on-site games coordinator have the authority to make that call.  We do keep a list and record names. Fees will not be refunded. Yup, we’re serious about fair play and hope you will join us in keeping that spirit alive in our games!

Where can I get answers to other questions I have? 
Call our office 707-525-0143 X117 or email Coby Lafayette

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