When does registration open? 

March 1, 2022


How much does it cost to register for an event? 
There is a $50 individual registration fee for all sports and small sport fees from $5 – $15 per event based on what the sport is. If you play more than one sport, you don't pay the registration fee again. Registration and event fees include: event administration and organization, venue rental and restrooms, officials, permits and sanctions, emergency medical personnel, medals, security, liability insurance, entry confirmation, event t-shirt and results administration.

What are the game's COVID policies?

For all of the sporting events occurring at the 2022 Sonoma Wine Country Games, an up to date vaccine passport or a negative COVID test within 24 hours of the start of the tournament will be required at the check in station. The vaccine passport would require at least the initial 2 dose vaccines and potentially more depending on the requirements at the time of the tournament. We will also be following the Sonoma County COVID health orders and guidance. To learn more, click on https://socoemergency.org/emergency/novel-coronavirus/health-orders/


What about my partner player?
Each partner in a doubles competition must register as an individual and write the full name of his or her partner. You must have a partner. We are unable to find partners.


How do I register for a team sport? 
Team Captains must register their team and they will receive an email with a team id which they can give to their players. Each player must register and pay for themselves using that team id.  There will be no additional fees for team members unless they choose to participate in additional sports


I want to play a team sport but don’t have a team – what do I do? 
Do not register for the team event as an individual. Contact the Sports Commissioner assigned to the sport or email 
Coby Lafayette

Why is there an additional fee to mail in my registration form? 
Unfortunately there is also additional labor when we input registrations that we receive in the mail. If you don’t feel comfortable registering on a computer, you may come in our office and we will show you how to do it. It is easy! Set an appointment to come in: 707-525-0143 X117 or email 
Coby Lafayette

Who is eligible to participate in the games? 
All participants must be 50 on or before December 31 of the event year. There is no upper age limit. Proof of age will be required at event check in.


How are age groups for awards determined? 
Age divisions are in five-year age groups except where noted: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, etc unless noted in the sports page.  Age divisions for doubles and team competitions will be determined by age of the youngest player as of December 31 of the event year. Lawn Bowling and Bocce are not awarded age group medals, only overall team medals.


How will medals be awarded? 
Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each age category. Some events will also have overall winners. Exhibition athletic events will not be awarded medals.


What if I want to participate in two sports but they are on the same day? 
We highly recommend that you do not register for overlapping events. No schedule changes will be made to accommodate multi-sport or multi-event entrants. Refunds will not be given in the case of overlapping events.


What happens after I register on line? 
You should receive an email confirmation. Please check your junk mail box if you don’t find it in your inbox. The confirmation will explain check in procedures for your particular sport. Please keep the confirmation email in a convenient location for reference when you come to the event. All athletes and team members must report to the designated check in area prior to their first competition. Participants will be required to show proof of age and will be given their credentials.


Where do I need to go to check in for my event? 
You will check in for your event at the event location which is listed on your confirmation email. Please note you need to check in before you can compete so allow time for check in.


What equipment do I need to bring with me for my sport? 
Participants are required to provide their own equipment, athletic apparel and shoes as is customary for the sport in which they are participating. Team sports require like-color and style, numbered uniforms. Game balls (excluding golf balls) will be provided.


Is water or food provided?
Water and healthy snacks (ex: fruit, bars, peanut butter) are provided for our athletes. Lunch is not provided for any of the events but you may bring your own food. Food is strictly for the athletes and not their family or friends. Sports drinks are not provided. 


Where will the events be held? 
You may find the venue locations on the sport page for each sport – find your sport HERE!


Can my family and friends come watch me compete?
Yes, family and friends are encouraged to come and watch. There is no entry fee. In some venues, space is limited and bringing a chair is always a good idea. Please remember this is a fun, family friendly environment.


Do the Sonoma Wine Country Games qualify me for advancement? 
No, but who doesn't like to visit the Wine Country! Any qualified athlete can compete in the  California State Senior Games Championships held in San Diego or Encore Games in the fall of 2022.  Winners and qualifiers at the State Championships games are qualified to compete at the National Senior Games to be held the Summer of 2023 in Pittsburgh, PA.


When does registration close? 
For most sports, registration closes a week before the event unless the sport sells out. 
For team sports, rosters need to be finalized by at least 3 weeks before the event.

Why does registration close so early and why can’t I register the day of the event? 
There is so much that goes on behind the scene to make these competitions happen that we need the time to organize competition brackets, hire officials, and other items that make for a successful, well-run tournament.


What is the refund policy? 
Depending on the situation, a refund might be possible. Contact Coby Lafayette for more information. Refunds must be requested at least 2 weeks before event.  Please do not register for overlapping events. No schedule changes will be made to accommodate multi-sport or multi-event entrants and refunds will not be given. 


How can I find out who my competition is?
We don’t have this capability for individual sports but for team sports click HERE!


What is the Celebration of Athletes event? 
Due to the ongoing volatile situation with the pandemic, we have decided not to host a celebration event for all the sports this year. We hope to bring it back in 2023!
We want to show off our beautiful community and the bounty it offers. The Celebration of Athletes event is a great way to meet athletes in other sports and just have a great time. The cost is $15 per person and that covers dinner, wine, dancing and a commemorative wine glass. Tickets can be purchased during the registration process.

If you need to purchase additional tickets or forgot to purchase tickets during registration,

call Coby Lafayette at 707-525-0143 x117

Can I bring my spouse, partner or a friend to the Celebration of Athlete event? 
Yes, there is a $15 fee for your friend that you may include when you register. Tickets can be purchased during the registration process. If you need to purchase additional tickets or forgot to purchase tickets during registration,

call Coby Lafayette at 707-525-0143 x117

An important note: Unsportsmanlike or disorderly conduct on the part of competitors, coaches or fans will be grounds for immediate removal and disqualification without refund of fees. Please help make this a fun, family-friendly event!


Where can I get answers to other questions I have? 
Call our office 707-525-0143 X117 or email Coby Lafayette