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Contributing to Council on Aging through transfers of stock may provide you with two tax advantages. As with any donation, you may be able to take a charitable deduction for the value of the stock on the day you donate it. In addition, if the stock has appreciated in value, you may not need to report the increase in value as capital gains income provided you donate the stock directly to Council on Aging rather than sell it and donate the proceeds. Of course, you will need to consult your own tax advisor for the applicability of these advantages to your own situation.


To initiate the donation, have your broker transfer the stock to Charles Schwab using the information below. Your broker may require you to complete a “Third Party Release Form.” If you or your broker have questions, please call Schwab’s transfer department at 1-800-536-4274, M-F from 9am to 7pm .Charles Schwab & Co.
DTC Clearing Number: 0164
DTC Code: 40
Account Number: 30265511
FBO Account Name: Council on Aging Services for Seniors


Important: When you have completed the transfer, please

notify Marrianne McBride, President and CEO, at 707-525-0143 ext. 111 or by e-mail at, so we can properly thank you and acknowledge your contribution to our senior.

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