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Dog Walker at the Park

The Council on Aging Meals on Wheels Program currently serves over 285,000 meals a year to seniors in Sonoma County. We found many seniors were sharing their Meals on Wheels Meals with their beloved pets. Since 2012, through the generous support of our sponsor, Western Farm Center, the Council on Aging had been providing the Kibbles of Kindness program to area seniors who cannot afford to purchase pet food.


Seniors rely on their pets for the emotional support, love, and companionship they provide, and studies show that owning and handling animals significantly benefits health and wellness in the senior population.


Kibbles of Kindness Program: The Council on Aging will provide dog or cat food monthly for seniors who cannot afford to buy pet food.

Requirement:  Senior participants must be on the Meals on Wheels Program to receive pet food through the Kibbles of Kindness Program

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