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“We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.” Colin Beavin


Sometimes it takes the act of being in the other person’s shoes to truly understand their situation. Many are aging right into the circumstances of the modern day reality that many seniors face–escalating healthcare and housing costs, food insecurity, devastated savings accounts due to the bust of the recent years, social security threats and a host of other issues many thought would never happen to them.


The Council on Aging is here to provide and advise in many areas of need: nutritional, social, and financial assistance. Yet learning how to become your own advocate and an advocate for the future of senior issues may be your best defense. Now is your time to learn the basics of advocacy.


Advocacy(n) – “active support of an idea which may include pleading or arguing for a cause”

Strength is in the numbers when it comes to advocating for ourselves and those causes closest to our hearts. Won’t you join us in advocating for our aging population?


Learn the basics of effective advocacy HERE.

Join the National Council on Aging in their advocacy efforts HERE.

Join the National Committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare HERE.

Join Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest HERE.


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