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PEARLS is a program to:

•Help reduce symptoms of depression.

•Work towards solving problems and overcoming challenges.

•Set practical and realistic goals.

•Add social, physical, and pleasurable activities to life.


PEARLS Eligibility:

•Sonoma County residents aged 60+

•Individuals experiencing depression symptoms* and/or isolation

•Willingness to actively participate in the program


*Participants do not need to be clinically diagnosed with depression to participate in PEARLS.

Developed by the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center, PEARLS is an evidence-based program to reduce depression and social isolation among older adults. By educating its participants about depression symptoms and equipping them with effective problem-solving skills, PEARLS aims to enhance the overall well-being of older adults.


PEARLS is a no-cost, short-term coaching program comprising 6-8 sessions over 4-5 months. These personalized coaching sessions are flexible in location, accommodating settings such as the participant's home, community settings, the Council on Aging office, or even virtually, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all involved.


Please note that while immensely beneficial, PEARLS should not be considered a substitute for mental health therapy or case management.* Instead, it focuses on practical strategies tailored to empower older adults in their journey towards addressing here-and-now challenges.


*PEARLS coaches are not licensed mental health professionals or trained case managers.


Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives

What participants are saying about PEARLS:


“During the one-on-one sessions, I felt I was seen and heard.”

“I feel more connected with myself – my agency and will. I feel more determined, not depressed in the way I was.”

“By identifying my concerns and addressing them one by one through actionable steps, I regained control over my life instead of feeling overwhelmed and apathetic.”


“PEARLS provided me with a focus on problem-solving. I tend to have scattered solutions, but with PEARLS, I found direction and a starting point for addressing the problems.”

“I enjoyed PEARLS to the point that I didn’t want it to end.”

Get Started with PEARLS

Interested in more information?

Please call us at (707) 525-0143 X 139


Eligibility screening with PEARLS coach to assess depression symptoms and appropriateness for the program required.


PEARLS is currently offered in English and Spanish and may be adapted to meet accessibility needs.

To view our flyer, please click HERE

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