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COA Public Presentations

As you look for speaker programs for your group’s meetings this coming year, please consider the Council on Aging — the foremost organization serving seniors, their families, and caregivers.


The Council’s CEO, Marrianne McBride is a dynamic speaker with extensive knowledge of the issues facing Sonoma County’s growing senior population. She has intimate insight into the challenges many seniors face and would appreciate the opportunity to provide your group with information about efforts underway locally to create healthier and happier aging.


Depending on the amount of time your group has available, Marrianne will address one or more of the following topics:

Council on Aging Overview

Founded in 1966, the non-profit Council on Aging provides 20 programs to assist Sonoma County seniors with social, financial, and nutritional concerns.

The State of Aging in Sonoma County

Beyond demographics, Marrianne can share both concerns and successes of those aging here in Sonoma County.

Healthy Aging

A member of the National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health, Marrianne McBride is part of a small team of experts implementing a Healthy Aging plan for Sonoma County.

Aging Parents

The Council on Aging provides advice and a helping hand as parents get older—what to look for, when to be concerned, assistance when issues arise.

Meals on Wheels

Council on Aging provides more than 285,000 nutritionally balanced meals each year to home-bound seniors through this county-wide outreach program. For many, it’s their only meal for the day!

The Council on Aging now offers program specific speakers. Program specific speakers and topics may include:

Denise Johnson, Director of Senior Nutrition & Health Services:

Nutrition: Denise holds her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and holds several nationally accredited certifications. Her expertise and passion are seniors aging healthy through exercise and physical activity. She has been published for her contributions to research three times.   

Leigh Galten, Wine Country Games & Volunteer Recruiter: 

Sonoma Wine Country Games: This premier lifestyle and wellness program offers 17 competitive events and social activities for people ages 50+—inspiring a healthy and fun aging experience!

Volunteer Opportunities: Council on Aging is always looking for compassionate volunteers. Volunteer opportunities have a wide range of skills and settings. Some of which include weekly help in our main office, kitchen, or Meals on Wheels Department. Other volunteer opportunities can include one-time events such as Wine Country Games, Derby Day, and more.


Jeanie O’Neill, Elder Advocate at Family Justice Center:

Elder Abuse: Our Elder Advocate provides case management services for seniors who may be homeless or victims of violence or elder abuse. The focus is to empower the senior to change their circumstances, stabilize their lives, deal with the criminal justice system and have the support and protection necessary to achieve these goals.


With more than 130,000 seniors living in Sonoma County now and a projection of 160,000 by 2030, aging issues are especially relevant today. Please contact Jennifer Kulpa, Administrative & Operations Specialist at (707) 525-0143 X100 or to schedule a presentation with Marrianne McBride or another member of our Speakers Bureau.

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