Council On Aging
30 Kawana Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Your donation helps us serve the most isolated and vulnerable members of our community.

Council on Aging is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization  

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COA Staff

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707-525-0143 x111


President & CEO

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707-525-0143 x146


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Director of Social Services

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707-525-0143 x108

Fiduciary Director of Social & Financial Services



Director of Nutrition Services


707-525-0143 x143


Directory of Legal Services

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707-525-0143 x131

Director of Kitchen Operations & Business Development

On-Site Staff


Alex Kennett, Disaster Recovery Case Manager, 525-0143, x117,

Carrie Holwell, Head Chef, 525-0143 x 132,

Cheral Humber, Senior Meals Office Manager, 525-0383,

Colleen Nolan, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143, x 118,

Corey Sabatino, Administrative Operations Specialist, 525-0143, x 100

Deborah Khalilifar, Development Coordinator, 525-0143, X120,

Diana Cedillo, Senior Nutrition Assessor, 525-0143 x 116,

Diane Faulkner, Meals on Wheels Coordinator, 525-0143 x

Elizabeth Youngs, Records Management, 525-0143, x122,

Jamie Escoubas, Social Day Services Supervisor, 525-0143 x 103,

Jeanie O’Neill, Elder Advocate/Family Justice Center, 565-8265,

Jessica Carranza, Case Manager, 525-0143 x109,

Jocelyn Duran, Grant Data Specialist, 525-0143 x 133,

Kim Nguyen, Congregate Nutrition Program Manager, 525-0143,

Leigh Galten, Wine Country Games Coordinator & Volunteer Recruiter, 525-0143 x 121,

Lisa Ellis, Receptionist & Social Services Administrative Assistant, 525-0143 x105,

Lisa Liggett, Accounts Coordinator, 525-0143, x110,

Luis "Gallo" Gustavo Reyes Oropeza, 525-0143 x142,

Martin Zdybel, Licensed Fiduciary, 525-0143 x104,

Nola Eisenberg, Receptionist & Senior Peer Support Assistant, 525-0143 x101,

Pamela Ziraldo, Accounts Payable, 525-0143 x113,

Petra Barrett, Senior Care Coordinator, 525-0143 x 128,

Sarah Tucker, Clinical Supervisor, Senior Peer Support, 525-0413, x125,

Sheila Gillis, Paralegal, 525-0143 x 141,

Steven Ford, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143, x134,

Sue Tasselmyer, Controller, 525-0143 x 138,

Terri Condon, Dining Site Supervisor, 525-0143 x126,

Yadira Esparza, Edler Advocate/Family Justice Center, or

Off-Site Staff

Laurie Wachter, Editor, Sonoma Seniors Today,

Beatriz Amaya, Healdsburg Dining Site, 433-7515,

Margaret DeMaria, Silvercrest Dining Site, 525-4487,

Keely Scott, Cloverdale Dining Site, 894-4826,