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President & CEO

707-525-0143 x111

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Director of Development

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Director of Social Services

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Corey Sabatino

Director of Nutrition Services



Director of Legal Services

707-525-0143 x143

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Chef Michael Roddey

Director of Culinary Operations & Business Development

707-525-0143 x131

On-Site Staff


Alex Kennett, Disaster Recovery Case Manager, 525-0143 x117,

Caitlen Sissa, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143 x104,

Carrie Holwell, Head Chef, 525-0143 x132,

Cheral Humber, Senior Meals Office Manager, 525-0383,

Colleen Nolan, Licensed Senior Fiduciary, 525-0143 x118,

Deborah Khalilifar, Development Coordinator, 525-0143 x120,

Diana Cedillo, Senior Nutrition Assessor, 525-0143 x116,

Diane Faulkner, Meals on Wheels Coordinator, 525-0143 x115,

Elizabeth Youngs, Records Management, 525-0143, x122,

Jamie Escoubas, Social Day Services Supervisor, 525-0143 x103,

Jeanie O’Neill, Elder Advocate/Family Justice Center, 565-8265,

Jennifer Kulpa, Administrative and Operations Specialist, 525-0143 x100,

Jessica Carranza, Case Manager, 525-0143 x109,

Jocelyn Duran, Grant Data Specialist, 525-0143 x133,

Judy Storck, Accounts Payable, 525-0143 x113,

Kevin Reid, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143 x137, kreid@councilonaging

Leigh Galten, Wine Country Games Coordinator & Volunteer Recruiter, 525-0143 x121,

Lisa Ellis, Receptionist & Social Services Administrative Assistant, 525-0143 x105,

Lisa Liggett, Accounts Coordinator, 525-0143 x110,

Luis "Gallo" Gustavo Reyes Oropeza, 525-0143 x142,

Nicole Weld, Financial Case Manager, 525-0143 x104,

Sarah Tucker, Clinical Supervisor, Senior Peer Support, 525-0413 x125,

Sheila Gillis, Paralegal, 525-0143 x141,

Sue Tasselmyer, Controller, 525-0143 x138,

Off-Site Staff

Barbara Redfield, Day Respite Substitute,
Charles "Scottie" Scott-Potter, MOW Cargo Driver
Cindy Jansen, Site Manager-Cloverdale,
David Stohlmann, MOW Driver
Debra Baldaramos, Program Coordinator, Santa Rosa Day Respite,
Edward "Ted" Jones, Program Assistant, Sebastopol Day Respite,
Erin Douglas, Program Assistant, Oakmont Day Respite,
Hugh Harris, MOW Cargo Driver
James Cooney, Senior Peer Support,
Julie Elliott, MOW Driver 
Laurel Anderson, Site Coordinator, Sebastopol Day,
Loretta "Sebby" Spillane, Site Specialist, Rohnert Park,
Lori Saldal, MOW Driver
Margaret DeMaria, Site Manager, Silvercrest Bistro,
Martha Kautz, Program Assistant, Santa Rosa Day Respite,
Nancy Howard, Day Program Coordinator,
Rachel Horodyski, Congregate-Sebastopol
Robert Celani, MOW Driver
Roberto Carrillo, MOW Driver
Ronald Valent, MOW Driver
Roxanne Lemereis, Program Coordinator, Healdsburg Day Respite,
Shannon Holck, Manager,
Sharon Bourassa, Program Coordinator,

Shirryl Bayless, Program Assistant, Sonoma Day Respite,

Council On Aging
30 Kawana Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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Your donation helps us serve the most isolated and vulnerable members of our community.

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