A Nutritional diet is a cornerstone of good health!

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COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place Order have altered our operations a bit.

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New:  Meals on Wheels clients now have a choice of multiple entrées


Council on Aging is excited to announce one of the most significant innovations in the Meals on Wheels program since the program began. Meals on Wheels has introduced its “Choice Meal” plan offering clients four different, delicious entrées to choose from on a daily basis, instead of just one option.

Implementing the “choice menu system” required increasing the number of meal options available from 85 to 400, developing new nutritional labeling, and creating a distribution process that ensures clients get their preferred choices.


Leading up to the launch of the meal option program, COA’s Nutrition Services Department sent out a survey asking clients to rate all of the entrées on a scale of 0 to 9 so their preferences could be entered into the department’s food ordering system.


That rating helps determine what foods a client will receive during the month, based on needs, likes and dislikes. But a client can override the system by calling ahead and asking for a different choice if his or her tastes change.

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