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Council on Aging's Community Dining program is driven to provide a “More than a Meal” experience. We strive to bring entertainment, educational presentations, and fun to seniors during our lunches. Recently in Sebastopol at Burbank Heights and Orchards, seniors were entertained by a talented group of youth from Nordquist-Taylor Ballroom Dance Studio. Students arranged a performance during their valued Spring Break vacation. They then had an intergenerational meal with our senior patrons.


Nordquist-Taylor is a program that provides a safe and comfortable environment where teens learn American-style social ballroom dance. Their classes build the student’s confidence and blend in a balance of social behavior, manners, and dress. One older adult said, “I was a ballroom dancer as a young child, and seeing these dancers brought me back, what a joy." The dancers enjoyed the experience as well.


Council on Aging provides a new program that integrates generations to bring a greater sense of purpose and community.  The younger generation has the opportunity to better understand and learn from seniors.  Seniors who are isolated and lonely have an opportunity to talk and feel more connected to the younger generations. 


If interested please contact us below:

Nordquist Taylor Dance  

Community Dining Lunch Service or 707-525-0143 ext. 128 

Intergenerational Lunch or Volunteering or 707-525-0143 ext. 129


















On Wednesday, April 5th COA hosted an Intergenerational Dinner event.  Local youth from Vista Academy dined and connected with seniors over a freshly prepared dinner.  The opportunity to share wisdom as well as learn from other generations was enjoyed by all.  If you are interested in an Intergenerational event please contact Brooke: or 707-525-0143  x129.

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