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New:  Meals on Wheels clients now have choice of multiple entrées

Council on Aging is excited to announce one of the most significant innovations in the Meals on Wheels program since the program began. Meals on Wheels has introduced its “Choice Meal” plan offering clients four different, delicious entrées to choose from on a daily basis, instead of just one option.

Implementing the “choice menu system” required increasing the number of meal options available from 85 to 400, developing new nutritional labeling, and creating a distribution process that ensures clients get their preferred choices.

Leading up to the launch of the meal option program, COA’s Nutrition Services Department sent out a survey asking clients to rate all of the entrées on a scale of 0 to 9 so their preferences could be entered into the department’s food ordering system.

Those rating help determine what foods a client will receive during the month, based on needs, likes and dislikes. But a client can override the system by calling ahead and asking for a different choice, if his or her tastes change.

About our Program

Since 1977, Council on Aging has operated the largest meal program for seniors in Sonoma County.

The Council on Aging Senior Nutrition Services provides over 285,000 meals annually to seniors in need in the following five programs: Meals on Wheels, Congregate Dining, Adult Day/Senior Social Club Respite Program, Therapeutic Meals, and Weekend Meals. These meals reach our most vulnerable, food insecure seniors. The meals provide one third of the recommended dietary requirements for seniors. For many clients, it is their only meal of the day.

Council on Aging is committed to reducing food insecurity in the elderly. The commitment costs over a million dollars annually. Only 38% of the program is supplemented by the federal government. We must rely on the support and generosity of the community to cover the remaining costs of the program.

A nutritious diet is the cornerstone to maintaining health and quality of life. We serve a heart-healthy, no added salt, low-fat meal (based on their preferences) to ALL of our recipients.

To see what is being served for Meals on Wheels, just click here!

The Meals on Wheels program is so much more than just a meal. Our program helps seniors stay in their homes, maintaining their independence and happiness. A daily check by a Meals on Wheels driver allows monitoring for potential problems, falls and accidents. When a senior signs up for Meals on Wheels, she also receives access to other programs operated by Council on Aging including: Social and Financial Services, Legal Services, Care and Case Management, Senior Peer Support and Adult Day Social Programs.

An on-staff, registered dietitian may provide nutritional counseling for at-risk seniors. Special meals are available for those who require modification of their diets, vegetarian meals and and no concentrated sweets. All of these services help seniors stay healthy, reducing costly acute hospital stays.

Click here to read “From the Dietitian,” a special, monthly article written by our Registered Dietitian.

Frequently Asked Questions about Meals on Wheels

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Funding Sources

Funding Sources

Donations: 37%

Government Funding: 43%

Program Fees: 20%

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